IAM 1000

In IAM 1000 wird unsere Kanzlei allen empfohlen, die ihre Patente sorgfältig anmelden und ihre Rechte vor dem EPA erfolgreich verteidigen wollen. Dr. Stefan Michalski, Dr. Aloys Hüttermann, Dr. Dirk Schulz und Guido Quiram werden persönlich als zu den 1000 besten Patentanwälten weltweit gehörend genannt. IAM schreibt:


For anyone looking to have their patents diligently filed and managed, and their rights fiercely defended before the EPO, Michalski Hüttermann is a strong choice. The firm’s profile has been growing quickly in recent years, thanks not only to the technical skills of its team but also to its determination and pinpoint focus on commercial objectives. Stefan Michalski and Aloys Hüttermann are the names behind the practice – Michalski is a chemist and biochemist with a strong strategic mind, while Hüttermann brings a synthetic organic chemistry PhD to his practice, and both are highly capable whether prosecuting patents or defending them before the EPO. At their side are Dirk Schulz and Guido Quiram, each of whom has been lauded by the market over the past year: physicist Schulz has been called “an outstanding patent attorney”. “While working with him, we are always impressed by his professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail, which allow us to overcome various difficulties during patent prosecution and obtain the best result. One can fully trust that Dirk knows every technical aspect – not just of the patent in dispute but also of the relevant prior art. He is extremely fast in responding to new arguments and in the hot phase of an oral hearing.” Electrical engineer Quiram has an “impressive ability to quickly build up comprehensive technical and industry knowledge”. One client attests: “We particularly appreciate his skills in litigation before the EPO. He represents our positions there excellently and, thanks to his support, we have already been able to decide many cases in our favour.”