Elmin Fatić

Elmin Fatić studied mechanical engineering with a focus on materials science at the Ruhr University Bochum and graduated in 2013. During his work at the Chair of Materials Testing, he gained experience in the field of high-alloy steels, especially duplex steels, and taught students methods for materials testing and failure analysis in numerous material internships. In his diploma thesis he investigated the properties of metal hydrides, as a potential storage medium for hydrogen in the automotive industry, using Raman spectroscopy on levitated particles at the Chair of Laser Application Technology.


Afterwards he gained technical professional experience as a materials engineer in one of the largest chemical companies in Germany, where he carried out tests in industrial plants and was involved in shutdowns and inspections of the same.


He began his work in the field of intellectual property in 2017 as a patent engineer in a medium-sized company, a market leader in building services engineering, in the Stuttgart area. There he was entrusted with the supervision of innovative projects in the field of manual and automatic door and window technology as well as security technology. His numerous tasks included, among others, the release of projects based on patent law aspects, the evaluation of invention disclosures, the drafting of patent applications, the enforcement of industrial property rights, the evaluation of searches, the supervision of opposition and appeal proceedings, the calculation of inventor remuneration and the implementation of training courses.


At the beginning of 2020, he started his training as a patent attorney in the firm of Michalski Hüttermann & Partner.


Mr. Fatić speaks German, English and South-West Slavic languages. He likes to spend his free time with his family, friends and fiddling with technical developments.