Comprehensive IP protection

The law firm of Michalski Hüttermann & Partner works in all areas of intellectual property law. Our attorneys cover all areas of technology with their wide variety of specializations and are regularly recommended in trade publications, such as the JUVE Handbook, iam magazine and MIP Handbook.Our technical protection rights work focuses on patent applications, expert opinions, oppositions and providing advice on issues pertaining to employee innovations. One special focus is on infringement cases and the related nullity proceedings. Michalski Hüttermann & Partner also has extensive experience in design protection and oversees some major international trademark portfolios.

 The law firm has its headquarters in Düsseldorf, Europe's "capital" for patent infringement cases. We also have a branches in Frankfurt a.M., in Essen, in Munich and in Heiligenhaus, ensuring our proximity to the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Munich branch of the European Patent Office, and the German Patent Court. Short distances and good transport ties between the two cities allow our attorneys to always be exactly where they are needed: at their clients' premises or at key offices and courts. They are also highly active in the unique IP scene that has flourished around the patent court in Düsseldorf.

Our clients come from all over the world. Our attorneys serve their clients directly in Germany and neighboring countries. We also represent non-European clients before German and European offices and courts. Our clients particularly value the personal care offered by our attorneys who are always directly available for discussions with their knowledge of the case in question. As a law firm active on the international stage, we belong to the most important national and international professional associations and give presentations at conferences around the world. Moreover, Michalski · Hüttermann & Partner regularly provides future attorneys from outside Germany with guest residencies at our law firm for training purposes. The law firm has thus built up an excellent international network in recent years. We leverage this network to find the most effective strategies for our clients even outside Germany.

Our law firm has experienced consistent growth in recent years – evidence of the level of trust and satisfaction that our clients show our attorneys. This success is based on the excellent quality of our work, our strict adherence to deadlines, a distinct commitment to service, and our attorneys' willingness to think outside the box at times to help their clients achieve success by offering new, unusual ideas. It goes without saying that we offer continuing professional development for ourselves and for others, something that is reflected in our large number of seminars and publications and in the academic lecturer positions that are regularly offered to our attorneys.

European network of patent law firms

We operate our own European network of patent law firms. 


Our European network of law firms, EURIPTA, allows us a particularly high degree of flexibility in serving our clients.